Jennifer Causey
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Patrick Rapati
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Sunrise over Towers of Paine
Patagonia, Chile

This image is up on my website (with the rest of the finished Once Deer illustrations), but I wanted to get it up here as well, mostly because it’s one of those pieces whose creation was fraught with worry.
I spent the bulk of the painting process stressed out and convinced I’d have to scrap this and start over, but once it was done and the text put on, it suddenly became one of my favourite illustrations of the series.
Funny how that happens, eh?
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Two bighorn sheep at the base-camp of Everest.

a. Ngombe ‘Executioners’ sword
b. Copper Fang-Kota Bird Head Status Weapon
c. Bao Sword
d. Throwing Knife
e. Upper Congolese African ceremonial sword, possibly late 19th Century.
f. African Tulip Tree

a. Raw Emerald
b. & c. Chinese Perfume Bottles
c. Egyptian Anhydrite Cosmetic Jar
d. Josephine-style ivory comb